Chapter III.

Reading Session 5:

V. "Slaves No More: Civil War and the Coming of Freedom"

PREVIEW: This fifth chapter examines the effect of the Civil War on slaves and their owners, including the difficult transition to freedom as well as the many ways slaves and former slaves played a role in this crucial historical moment. Before reading the chapter, take a few minutes to think and write about: READING GOAL: The chapter introduction notes that the Civil War "opened avenues to freedom, [but] it also created new trials for slaves." As you read the chapter, try to identify these "new trials" that the war and the coming of freedom raised for the former slaves. Why did freedom come for many "slowly and unevenly"?

SELECTED READINGS: If you cannot read the entire chapter, reading these particular interviews and narratives will provide an overview of the issues and topics addressed in the chapter as a whole. FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS: ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: TOPICS FOR FURTHER STUDY:

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