Chapter III.

Reading Session 2:

II. "Work and Slave Life: 'From Can to Can't'"

PREVIEW: This section of the book documents the various forms of labor required of slaves. As the chapter introduction notes, work was both "a source of oppression and a seed of liberation," as many slaves managed to take pride and satisfaction in their duties and, in some cases, learn important skills and trades they used to their own benefit.

Before reading this chapter, take some time to think, write, and talk about: READING GOAL: The chapter indicates the variety of forms of work that slaves actually undertook, including field work, domestic work, and skilled trades. As you read the interviews in the narrative, try to identify and list the slaves' many jobs, labors, and duties you come across in the chapter. Try to be as specific as possible; for example, note that doing field work itself consisted of a variety of specific duties.

SELECTED READINGS: If you cannot read the entire chapter, reading these particular interviews and narratives will provide an overview of the issues and topics addressed in the chapter as a whole. FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS: ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: TOPICS FOR FURTHER STUDY:

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