Chapter I.

The Introduction to Remembering Slavery, Part 2
(Historical Background/Overview):

The second half of the introduction outlines the major changes in slavery as an institution and in slaves' individual lives in the period immediately leading up to and during the Civil War. This was the period in which the former slaves who were later interviewed lived; as the authors demonstrate, it was a period of tremendous and dynamic change, one not necessarily representative of slavery's entire 250-year history.

This part of the introduction provides an important historical overview of those elements of American history and slavery that are integral to the narratives in Remembering Slavery. If you are unfamiliar with American history of this period, you might want to read this introduction for background information before reading the narratives. You might also choose to read or consult other historical resources and materials. Suggestions are listed in the Resource section.

READING GOAL: List and discuss the changes and developments that affected individual slaves and the entire institution of slavery. Think about changes in the following:

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